Here's some of my comics- my Short stories, my web journal, my books. If you'd like a physical, hand-made version of a comic, don't forget to check out My Store. I love making books and your glorious dollars help me to do so!

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Ongoing Weekly Webcomics!

Learnt is part journal comic, part education comic. Click the giant pencil and join me as I get less dumb for your amusement.
Updated on Tuesdays and Fridays!
You can buy collections of Year One, Year Two, and Year Three on Amazon!

Books! These are longer stories or collections.

For generations, a great kingdom has chosen its king by sacrificing its queen. But the current queen- both clever and angry- has a plan to end the madness.

52 pages and full color. Avaliable at Amazon.

Typhoon is the story of three people trying to survive in a world suddenly flooded by water. Told in three sections, Typhoon is about both post-apocalyptic mysteries and the loneliness of being alive.

Typhoon is black, white, and blue book- so I suppose that's "full color". 104 pages. Available in My Store.


Based on the Islamic version of the myth, this is my take on the fall of Satan. A narrative about the power of jealousy, love, and names.

My first printed book in full color! I loved doing this book. Religion is an interest of mine so I'm always excited to learn new interpretations on familar stories. 88 pages. Avaliable at Amazon.


I kept a weekly journal comic for about five years. That's a lot of material to compile into a book but it's all here! I didn't call the book The Horrifically Complete Non-Winner! for no reason.

The book version of this collection features a "director commentary" wherein I discuss the strip, my process, what have you. 208 pages. Avaliable in My Store.


The Egoists is about my parent's divorce hearing. Learning that your parents are human is difficult.

For obvious reasons, this was a very hard book to do. It helped me put a lot of tremendous feelings in their place. 44 pages. Avaliable in My Store.


I had a dream on June 1st, 2000. In the dream, I followed one woman througout her entire life- from a young child to old woman. A very, very weird and narrative dream.

My first professionally printed comic! 28 pages. Avaliable in My Store.


Three very bad men. One very average woman. The pairing of these people could lead to nothing good.

The Three Men is based on fairy tales and murder ballads. Never printed, it was very first attempt at color.


Shorts! Unsurprisingly, these are Short stories.

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A story about growing up a tomboy.
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I asked a group of people three very basic questions about their fathers and then illustrated their responces.
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A comic made in 24 hours.

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It took me far too long to realized that my mother probably existed before I was born. I did this project to find out what that person was like.
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Based on a very unsettling dream.

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Orginally done for a poet's chapbook, I had to graphically represent one of her poems.

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How a quiet, shy kid got sent to the princple's office.

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