I'm gonna be moving soon so All Paintings- And I Mean ALL PAINTINGS- are $15 plus shipping. Head on over to the Painting page and see what would look good in your situation. Drop me a line at and we can work out shipping!

LEARNT: Year Four! (09.18.17)

It's that time of year again. Time for that LEARNT book! You can grab it directly from Amazon!

LEARNT: Year Three The Book! (09.28.16)

Get that 110 full-color book directly from Amazon!

Coming up on Learnt's Third Birthday! (07.12.16)

Only a month out from Learnt's Birthday! Which means a new book collection will be heading down the pipe soon
(which- pssst- my Patreons get for free). Click on the giant pencil for the most recent Learnt or head to the archives!

"LEARNT: Year Two" Is Ready, Freddy! (09.09.15)

After Learnt's Second Year Anniversary, that means it's time for Learnt's Second Book!
You can buy all 110 full-color pages directly from Amazon.

Learnt's Second Year! (08.14.15)

Where does the time go? Cuz it's already Learnt's Second Year Anniversary! Golly. While I work on the book collecting the last year, why don't you buy the first year's book? Or maybe read through the archives?

SPX 2014! (09.09.14)

It's that time of year again for the Small Press Expo in Baltimore! It's a great convention and if you're going, you should stop by table F11B to say hello! I'll have the brand spanking new LEARNT: Year One book. It'll be rad.

RIPExpo and Paintings! (07.30.14)

Hey! I'm gonna be at the Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo this weekend, August 2nd and 3rd. Why don't you stop on by and check out some of these news paintings?

Paintings Are 25% Off In My New Store!(03.25.14)

I'm moving so it's time for a SALE! Head on over to my new webstore and enter the coupon code 25PAINT in your cart before checking out. You'll get 25% off all the paintings you buy! It's super sweet and really, I don't want to move all these paintings. So help me out and get some great art at the same time!

Become A Patron of Learnt! (03.25.14)

We just crossed 8 months of Learnt and I've just put it on Patreon! If you like Learnt, you can become a patron of the comic (and me) by heading on over to my Patreon site and pledging a little towards each comic I make. Your support helps tremendously!

50 Learnts! (01.31.14)

It's the big Five Oh for Learnt! If you haven't read them all, go ahead and hit the archives to catch up. Happy Learnting!

A Couple Of Big Things! (08.13.13)

Firstly, you can now read all of Typhoon here on the site. Just click here to start reading.

And secondly, you may notice the giant pencil up at the top. Well, I'm starting a new webcomic! It's called Learnt and it's about what I learned that week. So a little educational comic and a lot journal comic. It'll be generally updated on Tuesdays and Fridays and I hope you enjoy it. Click the ridiculously large pencil to check out today's comic!

Another SDCC Down! (07.23.13)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! And if you saw anything you liked but forgot to grab, everything is in the store!

SDCC BOUND! (07.12.13)

Going to the Comic-Con International Super Duper Comics Fest? Well, come say hi! I'll be at Table N2 in the Small Press Area and I'll tons of new paintings and prints and books and stuffs!

New Paintings Heading to SDCC! (07.12.13)

Oh, boy. Oh, boy. SDCC is happening SO SOON. Here's some paintings I've been working on for the con.

New Books! New Prints! Getting Ready For SDCC! (06.14.13)

Finally poking my head out to announce a new book- The Queen's Armor! It's 52, full-color pages and you can buy it right now at Amazon!

I've also got another art book with yet more book covers for books that don't exist! It's called- are you ready for this?- Book Covers 2 and it's available in the store right now.

And I've also got a couple new screenprints, Little Skull and Too Shy!

I'm super busy right now so hopefully more fun things soon.

Thanks For A Great SPX! (09.19.12)

It was a fabulous SPX this year. Sold the last copies of "Book Covers", "Iblis", and "True Porn" to good homes. Sold the great majority of the paintings I brought and most of the prints, too! Thanks so much, everyone! The remaining paintings are in the store now as are "Don't Worry" and "This Head's On Fire" so please go check them out if you missed them.

Please Vote For My Threadless Submission! (09.13.12)

One quick message before SPX. I just submitted a t-shirt design for the 'Threadless Loves Minecraft' contest and I need your help! My design is called "Daddy Has A Temper - Momma Has A Problem". I'm not sure why Iím hypnotized by the idea of being the metaphorical product of a unrepentant thief and a habitual exploder but it tickles me so. It's like a country-western song with laser guns. It looks like this:

Please vote for my design on the Threadless page and please share this info. I super appreciate all your help!

Heads Up! (09.10.12)

It's SPX Time Again! Here's where I'll be:

I'll have all sorts of new and new-to-SPX goodies to show off. Like two new screen prints! "This Head's On Fire" and the glow-in-the-dark technological wonder "Don't Worry":

I'll also have some new paintings as well:

And finally, I'll have my new-to-SPX book, Empty Set! With the last copies of Book Covers, Iblis, AND re-discovered box of True Porn 2, we're looking at the last time on the table for some of these books. So stop on by table #I9 and get'em while they're here!

Heads Up! (05.30.12)

Just a word of warning- If you'd like a copy of my art book, "Book Covers", grab it now! I'm about to discontinue the book so run over to the store and scoop up a copy while you still can!

By the way, you should email me any fictional book titles you can come up with. I'm working on a completely unrelated book called "Book Covers 2" and I could use some help.

What A Great Stumptown! (05.07.12)

I had a great time out at my first Stumptown. Thanks a million to everyone who stopped by to chat. My brand new book, Empty Set, and all the unsold paintings have been added to the store! Give them a look and help fund further expeditions to the mysterious West. Thanks!

A New Mini And Paintings For Stumptown! (04.17.12)

Good Gravy- time flies when you are up to your teeth in work. I've got a new book and TONS of new paintings for the upcoming Stumptown Comics Fest on April 28th and 29th! It'll be my first time out in Portland so this will be exciting. I'll be sharing table C-10 with Mr. Bill Mudron. Stop on by and say hello! Look for the crowd of IP lawyers. Or follow this map!

One of the new things I'll have at Stumptown is my new mini, Empty Set. All about the meaninglessness of life, it's a hoot. It's 50 pages and in full color with a screenprinted AND hand-stamped cover. Empty Set will be added to the store once I come back from Stumptown.

And lastly, here's some new paintings. I'll be bringing some of these out to Stumptown so if you'll be there and want me to bring something in specific, just drop me a line!

Thanks for another great SPX! (09.13.11)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by! The paintings still looking for a good home have been added to the store so if there's something from last week you'd like, check it out!

Now to get back to work. Lots and lots of work.

SPX and some paintings! (09.05.11)

Next weekend is the fine Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland and I'm gonna be there! The layout is a little unknown right now but I WILL be at table C-12. Stop on by and say hello!

I'll be bringing all the usual goodies and a few new paintings... OMG, LIKE THESE: 

Long Time! No See! (08.06.11)

Man, this is what happens when you move. Finally in a home with all our stuff after 7 or so months. Which means I'm finally able to update the website! Hooray-ish!

Soon, I'll be adding a new book and paintings to the store. Maybe a print or two! Hell, maybe even a new weekly comic! Who knows what weird, brave future awaits?

Until then, buy something, won't you? Moving is expensive.